Compression Gaming Sleeves for Esports and Elite Gamers

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More and more gamers are using compression gaming sleeves. So why don’t you try them too? There are numerous benefits and usefulness of the gaming sleeves.

The compression gaming sleeves are for hardcore gamers and professional esports players who spend more than 4 hours a day gaming. Most video games can be considered esports, and this product helps prevent injuries that happen when playing for long periods.

What are compression gaming sleeves?

Compression sleeves are quite popular within the sports environment. These are used by athletes to promote blood circulation and maintain arm temperature. In this way, it provides professional gamers with quick recovery from muscle stress.

A sleeve for a gamer can seem unconventional. However, many professional players spend many hours a day training for international esports competitions and deal with stress and muscle fatigue from both the game controller and the mouse.

Gaming Sleeves are for electronic sports (eSports) such as Dota2, League of Legends, or Smash Bros. The first batch of the FastFall gaming sleeves launched in early 2019. You can order your compression gaming sleeves at FastFall for only $28.

How does compression sleeves work?

Compression gaming sleeves have benefits for your health and performance when training or playing. The compression sleeves when in use have the following benefits:

  • Strengthens venous return, that is to say, that it accelerates blood flow
  • Reduces the accumulation of toxins in a muscle which naturally accumulates a lot
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins during exercise
  • Improved recovery after exercise
  • Reduction of pain associated with physical activity and reduction of muscle fatigue after exercise
  • Improved endurance and prolongation of effort
  • Reduction of muscle vibrations
  • Improved muscle, tendon, and ligament oxygenation

The compression sleeves are made with polyester fiber and will come in different sizes and models for all tastes. Additional benefits of this fiber include better breathability, ability to regulate moisture, ability to absorb sweat, and increased comfort.

Compression sleeves for gaming and esports performance?

FastFall Gaming Sleeves

No studies have shown that compression sleeves have a real impact on physical performance during gaming or esports activities. However, they can have a real benefit based on other sports. Muscles need oxygen to function, and the more intense the effort, the stronger the need. The blood carries oxygen. Therefore, by favoring venous return, the muscles’ oxygen supply is favored, optimizing their performance.

On the other hand, in the case of muscle pain, the cuffs can limit the sensation of pain by reducing shocks and vibrations, which will occur when playing a competitive game.

This leads to an increase in the blood flow, which is also called a venous return. This is how we will bring fresh oxygen to our muscles in quantity and more quickly.

If you are a gamer, looking to improve your performance on the VO2 Max, wearing compression sleeves is useful.

Compression sleeves and recovery

There is no need to take any detours in saying the compression sleeve finds its most prominent recovery role.

Free radicals, CO², and lactic acid are very easily stagnant in this part of the body. This explains the cramps and pains that occur here long before another area.

The need to eliminate toxins is a priority of the compression sleeve, and in this, the compression sleeve is perfect. It ultimately plays a role similar to that of the compression socks.

The muscle’s compression due to the sleeve will improve the muscle’s oxygenation and proceed as cleaning of the latter.

The toxins eliminate more quickly, and pain is avoided during the effort or depending on the race, it occurs later.

Practice makes it easy to check their effectiveness by running a race beyond your usual pain or cramp threshold.

If you manage to cross it in a state of fatigue and visibly less pain, then the sleeve is doing its job well.

Compression Sleeves “support and stimulate the calf muscle pump, increasing venous return and reducing leg edema[1]

Thermal Benefits

Many athletes and gamers use them mainly for their thermal benefits to protect themselves from the cold in winter or to “cool” their arms in summer. Although not all brands use the same fabrics, these garments generally have low thermal conductivity, keeping the muscles’ temperature constant regardless of the ambient temperature.

Sun Protection

Some also offer protection against UV rays from the sun. But beware! Before using them for this purpose, make sure that the fabric of the brand you use fulfills this function.


The materials of these garments convert sweat into steam so that the sweat goes out and evaporates while your skin stays dry at all times. Also, they repel moisture.

Just because the clothing is snug doesn’t mean it makes your skin breathe. Indeed, in this case, the material used for this type of cloth is the result of careful technological research, are of high quality, favor perspiration, and – in most cases – are treated to avoid emitting bad odors. Maintain the quality of the sleeve and its performance by rinsing it after use and always wash it in cold water without adding additives (such as softener) that can damage the garment’s fibers.

Should you use a compression sleeve?

Compression sleeves while gaming reduces swelling, prevents injuries, and speeds recovery.

Gaming Sleeves Compression inevitably increases performance by reducing muscle vibrations (the source of fatigue); compression garments lead to greater resistance, strength, and lower fatigue.

Compression also helps stabilize the muscle and reduce vibration in the muscle during activity, thus reducing muscle fatigue. In short, compression enables you to improve performance through increased blood flow, faster recovery, and reduced muscle pain and less fatigue.

In the study Effects of Compression Garment Pressure on Recovery from Strenuous Exercise, the greatest recovery came from high compression. [2]

Where can I get a Compression Sleeve?

When picking compression sleeves, the size is critical. If the compression garment is too small, it may be anti-productive. Pick the right pair, and you’ll see that you can push yourself harder and recover faster, whatever adventure you choose.

Take control of your game and buy your compression gaming sleeves for a discounted price at FastFall for $28 only.

In conclusion, the three key points to keep in mind about compression gaming sleeves:

  • They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing you to game in any condition without issues.
  • During gaming sessions, compression helps with the sensation of pain, sweat, and promotes the muscles’ oxygenation.
  • After a gaming session, compression gaming sleeves contribute to the promotion of muscle recovery.

Check out FastFall for the best gaming sleeves that provide comfort and durability to last.


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